Saturday, April 27, 2013

Springtime in the County

A sharp intake of breath could be heard as I rounded the corner of my house to find this blossom. It seems like a lifetime ago when Vicky and I transplanted plants from her yard to mine on a cold fall afternoon. Somehow in the midst of everything, I dont think I really expected to see anything - at least not yet.
There is still snow in my yard as you can see and the waters are running high and fast in the stream over the bank.
I am delighted to be welcomed home by such beauty and the little robin prancing around the yard letting me take his picture.

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Nancy said...

I am so glad you arrived home to find spring had preceded you....looks the robin and the flowers were saying hi....That creek looks like it's really rolling..Is it close to your house?

I hope you continue to see more signs of spring...