Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bench Warming

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I was driving through downtown when I spotted an open parking space, where there never is one. Even though this wasn't my destination, it was Sunday afternoon and I had time to spare so I pulled over. Grabbing my camera, which I always carry with me now, I was ready for a little exploration. I took a few pics from the small bridge nearby, crossed the road and found myself in a little park with a few statues, scrolled fences, birds and this bench. You can check out more photos of my mini-excursion this week over on Wings Open.

An hour later and a stop in a favorite shop, I was back in my car headed home. I never did end up where I planned but I ended up with a few good pics and a smile on my face after eavesdropping on a conversation between two women in the store. Not that they were trying to be quiet actually. At one point I broke out laughing with them and they in turn smiled delightedly.

As I look at this bench photo, a tiny stirring inside reminds me that I need to take the time to write. The difference between would-be writers and the real thing is just doing it. Set aside a time like I do with my blog every day or perhaps even weekly. In the daily scheme of things, there are no romantic park benches beckoning with the sunshine on my face and inspiring birds flying around me. There is just life. A few hours window - to nap, to read, to clean, to write? That is the question. 

So here I am with my window nearly closed for the day. I ate lunch, raked a little more of the  lawn, edited my photos, and posted for two blogs. Lily stirs, the day is shifting and no great novel has begun. But I have written here, put pen to the pages of my journal as is my daily practice, shared a short text with a friend, and commented on a couple of blogs. Not the destination I had planned, but sometimes its the ability to enjoy the simple things that is worth much. 

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Relyn Lawson said...

Aren't you finding that a camera can change your life?