Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Transitions and Visuals

Transition is a word we use regularly when talking about Lily. Because of her autism, transitions can be difficult. We are learning to use visuals to make these times easier for her and for us. Meal time or bedtime used to be a struggle. Then we used a visual board and a little timer to prepare her for sitting at her table or going night-night. Now we rarely have to use it for these things because she understands more readily what we are talking about. There are other transitions challenging her now, such as adjusting to a few hours at school uniquely suited to her needs. Our hearts break to leave her but we know this is ultimately for her benefit.

One evening as I was writing in my journal about all of this, I realized something. I don't like transition either!
It has never been my strong suit. It feels strange to get out of the car after traveling north for three hours and be surprised by the frigid air. How can I not remember that it is so much colder here at home?

 I must say this time the transition has been easier than in the past, settling back in for a week at home. Perhaps I am becoming more flexible or maybe it is simply that I am open to grace.

Nevertheless, I wish sometimes there were two of me. I miss my girls when I come home. It's a bit lonely. My days are filled with to-do lists as I play catch up.
Silver Lining =  my favorite time of night, when I turn on the  little lights throughout my home and settle down with a cup of candy cane tea to watch a little television with hubby. We sit in our recliners and text our girls, laughing about something one of them said or sharing a concern.

One thing I am certain about - change is here to stay. I think I may need a visual board.

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Nancy said...

What a beautiful post...It's amazing how life can throw us curve balls but God always manages to bring good out of it..

I am trying very hard as well to adapt to changing circumstances and allow God to bring into my life what He chooses as I know in my heart He knows what's best....

Sounds like Lily is making big strides and I am so happy for all of you....