Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Picture Class

Me in Frontlight

Hubby in Sidelight

Oldest Son & Wife in Backlight
Hubby left for home today. I've spent the last few hours working on a new class I am taking through Big Picture Classes. I decided I needed something specific for me to look forward to and I have great opportunities to take photos while surrounded by three beautiful girls. 

This class is titled Get Great Photos With Any Camera and it runs four weeks. 

Week One is all about lighting. So here are my mostly unedited (I lightened one a tad) photos from the weekend. My favorite is the one of Hubby.

I know these are pretty basic for many of you, but I need to learn this over and over until it comes naturally. I watch my daughter take pictures and she effortlessly notices light and uses it to enhance her subjects. That's one of my goals for this class.

I will share a bit here and there and would love your input as well as any links to your photos on the same subjects!

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Nancy said...

You go girl; I am so proud of you...This looks like a fun class...I need to take one on light...I just wing it and so often the light is just not right.....Maybe you can share some of your tips....

I am taking a Photoshop elements 11 class now and I don't think I can do another one right now..This one is pretty intensive but I am learning lots....

I can't wait to see more pictures..All of these are really good but I especially like the one of your big smile in the first one...We have both been through so much lately that a smile is a wonderful thing....