Saturday, March 23, 2013


God has blessed me immensely over the past six months with a handful of books, which have been timely, encouraging and challenging. I have share those here several times and will do so again.

I recently finished reading Jennie Allen's "Anything." I will share more from her book later as I have several pages dog-eared to go back and read. Several times throughout her book, Jennie refers to Katie's blog, the author of Kisses from Katie.

Kisses from Katie is my book in hand. I am nearly finished reading it and I have been drawn into the lives of Katie and her children. The love of Jesus flows through her words. I have been reminded of the power of love and not a generic love, but an intense Father God's love for each human being. He is moved by the one. When she talks about the many children who need someone to wrap her arms around them and kiss them, I think of my precious Lily and all the kisses I lavish on her little cheeks and my heart aches for a child without such love.

While composing yesterday's blogpost, I went on a search through my past posts to find when I first started writing about Eucharisteo. I couldn't find it but I happened on a post I wrote a year ago about a dream I'd had. I remember the dream so clearly. I woke up praying for a specific woman and children in Uganda. But after a year, those things fade into the background.

 Until God pulls them front and center again.

 Guess where Katie and her kids live? I bet you guessed. Yep. Uganda. I was stunned and excited that I may have been praying for Katie or one of her families under Holy Spirit's direction before I even knew of her. A little divine connection for today.

Needless to say, I highly recommend this book.

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Cheryl Ruffing said...

I've seen Katie's blog, and am incredibly impressed by that selfless young woman. That dream and prayer thing: so cool.