Saturday, February 4, 2012

Uganda, Project Life, & Unexpected Surprises

I love Saturdays.

This one started about 3:00a.m. when I awoke from a dream about a woman in a yellow dress with a yellow and white scarf on her head. I had been dreaming about Uganda. Somalia may have been mentioned too. I woke up praying for women and children in Uganda. Now I need to check out my globe and see where that is. Been on my mind all day.

A quiet morning with my tea and Bible.

A nice surprise lunch with my son-in-law John and  baby Lily. They are headed here in a few minutes for the night. A chicken soup and biscuits are all ready and waiting. My hubby's famous clam dip, too.

I have been working on my Project Life album the last couple of hours. Oh, how I love it! Monday, I am having some gals in for scrappin' for the first time in ages, so I should have plenty to post about.

That's my Saturday so far. Blessings :)

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