Friday, March 22, 2013

Joy in the Eyes

Photo Credit: McKenna Walker

I didnt think I would be blogging today but I am feeling better and what else is there to do but read, rest and blog?
This is a two-for-one day, using the same photo for Wings Open.

I love this photo! I was trying to put Lily's mitten back on for the umpteenth time and she looked up at McKenna - right in the eye and the camera lens. :)  
Eye contact is a big moment to celebrate and we do every single time. It seems each day this improves and brings us great joy. 

The simple things we used to take for granted are daily blessings. Like this morning when Lily held up her toy horse, one of many, and said horse several times. 
"Yay, Lily." Our chorus with clapping of hands.
Or when she pretended to shiver with cold, turning back and forth from her mother to me, looking us right in the eye and smiling as we celebrated. 

Yes, Lily is teaching me a new level of Eucharisteo. It seems I will never stop learning this principle.

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Nancy said...

Often it takes a child to teach us the most basic of spiritual principles....I am so glad Lily is doing so well and at the same time bringing you joy....I am glad too that you are feeling better.....

Cheryl Ruffing said...

Good for you for taking the time to celebrate those small, but so very important, things. McKenna did a great job with this shot.