Monday, March 11, 2013

Landmark View

When I came home a week ago, I expected to return to my daughter's home by today. Plans changed when she and her girls came down with a serious flu virus. Therefore I am at home an extra week.

 Yesterday hubby and I went for a drive. We were both weary but felt the need to get out for a bit and I wanted some pictures for my blog. My initial excitement faded as mile upon mile of dirty snowbanks, barren white fields and dreary skies filled my camera lens. A few back roads rendered cool barn pics, 
which I will post on Wings Open this week.

Mars Hill mountain marks my journey, assuring me that I am nearly home each time I travel north. There has been much controversy the past few years over the windmills that now mar its beauty, depending on your point of view. Familiar sights take on new meaning through the lens of a camera or the filter of life changes.

Forgive that this was taken through a dirty car window, thus the smear.
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