Saturday, December 8, 2012


Your way in delivering your people was through the sea, and your path through great waters, yet your footsteps were untraceable.
Psalm 77:19 amplified translation

Now I will arise...Psalm 12 NIV

With My eyes as your guide. Psalm 32 passion translation

Jacob was in a hard place. He couldn't see anything that dark night when he laid his head upon a stone, alone and all his life shifted. Then everything changed. In the night God opened a portal of hope through a dream. He gave Jacob His eyes to see that God was right there with him and He had a plan. Genesis 28

Matthew Henry's commentary says that when the people were despondent and at their end, God moves.

He arises that we may see him, perhaps not as we think of seeing. Yet when the sea parts, we know He has been there even when his footsteps are untraceable.

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