Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Worship

"A flawless performance is not what mattered, but the complete obedience of filling jars to the brim, holding nothing back." Kelly Minter

Curling up in the recliner while Lily sleeps, I turn to "No Other Gods" to read a bit more. Kelly Minter's words resonate with something deep in my spirit.

Complete obedience. Not partial.

I think of my prayer a few months ago.
"Lower my resistance to the Holy Spirit."

Today, much is pruned away. I find myself in a new world and a familiar one. The familiar is the world of toddlers, diapers, and Dora the Explorer. Learning about autism and appointments and case managers is a new and unfamiliar world.

Complete obedience. Following God's plan, one day at a time. Sometimes moment by moment. Trusting without understanding.

Paradigm shifts.

I remember when Jesus told them to fill up the water pots at the wedding in John 2, he was preparing the way for his first miracle. The servants didn't know this, they simply obeyed...completely.

Slowly I loosen my grasp on understanding and bow my knee in surrender to the One who knows what he's doing. Holding nothing back as much as I am able.

This is my worship this Christmas.

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1 comment:

Nancy said...

I have missed you so much....I am so sorry that the last few months have had so many difficulties but your words are an encouragement to me. As you know I have been away the last few months but God has urged me to get back into the flow of blogging...I never thought He would do that but He has and here I am....I posted a blog on our current circumstances so you can catch up there....
This last post of yours is very convicting to me and I will surely take more days to process your words....

I do pray you and your family will make some wonderful memories this Christmas and that God will be more real than ever....

Love ya,