Monday, November 12, 2012

Wells of Hope

It has been nearly a year since I happened upon One Thousand Gifts. I continue to incorporate eucharisteo, giving thanks intentionally.

We are each practicing the hard eucharisteo these days - hubby, daughter, and me.

I have been living away from home nearly a month now. Each morning as I drive from my sister-in-law's home to my daughter's place, I spend the twenty minutes in prayer, receiving grace for the day.

This morning as I drove across the bridge, I sooo wanted to take a picture of it shrouded in fog. Of course, I was driving in that fog, so focus was needed. No stopping for photo shoots.☺

Life these days is like crossing that bridge. Some days the fog of pain overshadows my girls as they navigate through broken places, striving to find a new normal. There is no temptation to take a snapshot for the heartache is too great.

Yet many moments of joy invade and heal- when Lily smiles, when McKenna makes me laugh, when Amber hears hope from the voice of God.

Angie Smith has a chapter in her book, "What Women Fear", about Hagar and the moment God opened her eyes to see the well He had placed in her life. I have been asking God daily to open my eyes to the wells around me.

There is a well beside you today. Ask Jesus to lift the discouragement from your heart that your eyes may see and you may drink deeply. He is waiting.

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