Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Thrift Store Treasure

Our search was for a table and chair set for Lily, who has decided she is done eating in a high chair. Our first visit to "Growing Place", a second-hand shop for babies and mamas and all gals in between turned up a few treasures. Baby Einstein videos, a couple cute sweaters, and a book were among them.

It was Lily herself that found the best treasure of all. Her eyes lit up and she pointed toward a shelf taller than she and began to make horse noises. I pulled down the wooden rocking horse and she fell in love.

Each day I am learning to watch for the little miracles, which hold hope and light in painful days.

I am pondering how I had become so comfortable in my life that gratitude could slip away so easily. Or that I could dismiss another's pain while buried in my own thoughts.

I have seen the results of ingratitude and self-centeredness in one's life and what it may lead to, if untended. Therefore, I must ask the hard questions of myself.

I don't have the emotional fortitude to hear the answers right now. It is enough to know they are waiting for me.

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