Thursday, November 22, 2012


Follow Me.

These are the words of Christ as he called his disciples.

Much of my life, following Christ was tied together with being an active church attendee. Always though, God would draw me back to His side, quietly reminding me that He loves spending time with me alone, away from the crowd.

Today church seems far away. Some days, God does too, if I am honest. Yet all the years of hiding His words in my heart hold me from breaking, send glimmers of hope my way when it seems darkest.

My list of thankfulness for right now is short, but deeply felt:

1. The Hope of God's Word.

2. My family- especially my daughter and her girls who have brought so much joy to me, no matter their pain.

3. True friends who keep me covered in daily prayer and encouragement.

4. My health and strength for each new day

5. Sunshine - I know this may sound shallow, but it really helps in valley seasons

6. My Blogging community

7. Books written by people who don't even know me, yet have touched my life.

Happy Thanksgiving

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