Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Marden's Mystique

Mardens is a store unique to Maine. It is a Department store/ Flea market, sort of.

I have never been a fan of Mardens because of the dusty, sometimes musty atmosphere. Yet I must admit that my home contains several treasures purchased there.

My kitchen table and chairs, my china closet, the flooring in the guest room, and its very comfortable mattress originated in Mardens.

Prior to Christmas, I was a regular to their fabric department.

I must make mention that each Mardens store is unique in itself. I know of one that I would not choose to visit again.

Why am I even mentioning this store? Because on Saturday past, I ran into Mardens because a friend told me they had chocolate Treasures for a small price. As I went through the checkout, a book caught my eye. $3.99 and intriguing description.

I have only a couple of chapters left to read and would have finished it had I not taken a break to blog.

Still not my favorite place, but I love it when I find a hidden treasure amidst the mess.

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Nancy said...

I always love finding a treasure...sounds like you did..