Friday, January 13, 2012

Returning to Me

I found my word for 2012 or rather it found me.

For the past few weeks, i have pondered several words: balance, contentment, equilibrium, fly, flight, grace etc.

"Yes, this is the one!"
"No, it's not."

Nothing felt right.

This morning as I was spending my quiet time, a book popped into my head that I'd seen my daughter looking at the other day. I opened it randomly and there it was. My word. I knew it.

Drum Roll Please...


That's it. Authentic. Real. True to myself and what I love.

Sigh of relief. It was a battle to find the word, To connect. To be true. What will the journey be like this year, I wonder?


Nancy said...

I love Authentic....what a great word which should lead you on some interesting adventures.....

Learning to be true to ourselves is a goal within itself or it sure has been for me......

Rebecca said...

Don't you ♥ it when you discover a whole NEW "strand" of blogs?!?

I enjoyed your post re. "life maps". I may try that. Meanwhile, I'm working on my word for 2012--graciousness. A project for me is learning a Bible verse every two weeks. I'm selecting those that relate to my word. (I haven't memorized intentionally/consistently for a few years now...)

I like YOUR word. It will be interesting to see how it works itself out in/through you this year.