Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Own Secret Garden

Did you ever pass up a photo opportunity and regret it later?

I knew as I was driving away that I had missed a perfect picture for my blog, but I was hungry and it was pouring rain. Nevertheless, I am still looking back over my shoulder.

I popped in for a short visit to a new friend today and fell in love with her surroundings. As I entered the driveway, I knew I was in for a treat. There was a faux wooden wall with purple shutters and their last name on a small sign. The yard contained birdhouses and benches and leftover flowerbeds.
The instant I entered her kitchen I was oohing and ahhing, not because it was fancy and large and expensive. Just the opposite.
Simplicity and artistry brought her small older home to life. Every corner was filled with creative love and flair.
What a delight! I felt like I had entered the secret garden.

On this final day of November ( actually one hour left), I am grateful for surprises, confirmations, new beginnings and simple delights.

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Nancy said...

Your post has taken me away to that place we all want to of simplicity, beauty, and surprises everywhere one looks......I too am grateful for surprises, confirmations, new beginnings and simple delights....Thank you for bringing it into focus for me today....

I hope you have many adventures today....