Monday, November 28, 2011


The leftovers are gone but thanksgiving remains.
Here's my list leftover from last week.
Time with my girls.
Pumpkin Pie success.
42 years wedding anniversary
Snow on just the right day- safe travels for my family.
Movie time with McKenna.
My son's family time here.
Good food.
Mississippi Mudcake
Energy to shop after little sleep.
God's touch on a sick girl.
An extra day with McKenna
Sweet sleep
Health for the most part
Beautiful days.
A few minutes in a good book.


Nancy said...

I love the comment..."Leftovers are gone but thanksgiving remains"....what a great way to put it.....

Have a great day full of blessings and sweet peace...

amber said...

Love this post! I had an amazing time, hated to leave. I can't believe I forgot your anniversary. So sorry, Happy Belated Anniversary!!