Friday, January 8, 2010

Sunset Over the Mall

Last year at this time we were in a deep freeze in northern Maine, my hubby had a bad cold and I was just beginning my blog. Today the temperature is in the 20's although they are plummeting tomorrow, all are healthy, and I just finished a delicious evening with the Gilmore Girls, now up to season 4.

Normally I spend the first of a new year setting goals, only to see half of them fall by the wayside in a few months. This year 2010 simply and quietly arrived for me. We were in New Mexico enjoying our family, shut off from the rest of the world and it was rather nice. No fanfare, no lofty goals or large regrets. I simply shifted into the new year.

I went to the gym today and picked up a schedule and a sign-up sheet, but I am trying to live with restraint, hoping if I pace myself, I'll last longer. Usually I push beyond my limits and my body with a few health problems can't take the strain.

I wrote a few things in my journal in December that I want to focus on this winter, but I am going to let them unfold .

Let me tell you about the photo above. I spent an afternoon shopping at the mall with my daughter and granddaughter. They were in the store making a final purchase while I plunked down in a chair to rest for a few minutes. I was facing one of the entrances to the mall and happened to see the sunset. Grabbing my phone I ran out the door and took a picture. Shortly after I took this one with my camera.
It was in the pause that my eyes were open to such beauty. I don't want to miss one sunset this year.
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alteredpink said...

I love the sunsets out here. I'm glad you were able to capture one. Here's to not missing one sunset this year:)

sherry ♥ lee said...

You are awake to the beauty around you as evidenced by this photograph!!

Start slow at the gym...I'm like you -- I want to go full out and then I pay for it!! I went to a class today and it was good to get back to it after the indulgences of the holidays.

Here's to another year of great blogging!