Friday, January 22, 2010

Finding My Rhythm

It seems that the blogging has slowed down a bit for many of my favorites.
I, too, am re-establishing rhythm to my life.
The holidays knocked me off kilter, so this week I grabbed a stack of books from my stash and headed for the couch. My plan was to read the first twenty pages in each until I found the one I wanted to read. I never made it past the first book, which isn't pictured because I am reading it. My daughter recommended, "The Lost Recipe for Happiness". So far it's perfect- delicious recipes, New Mexico flavor, unique characters.
I am finally relaxing and enjoying myself. I even snuck in a nap this week. Sorry to all you hard-working gals and moms who can't do this, but my body was crying for rest.
Taking the blogging a little slower too.
Finding your rhythm? Share, I'd love to hear about it.


Sherry said...

Well you know I get this -- taking a computer hiatus has been lovely!!! We'll be back in the saddle soon Paula!! ♥

Ginny said...

It is so good to know that others are finding their way or taking a break. I am trying to get into a routine so that I write or paint or do both more. Yet, I don't want to develop such a routine that I forget to just enjoy the moment or be spontaneous. It is an interesting dilemma but I am sure I will find my way.