Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Simple Things

For each blog that posts about the simple things we are grateful for, Christina's family over at Soul Aperture will donate a dollar to Doctors without Borders for Haiti. You can click on her blog in my favorites to the right.
A friend brought me a bag last week with things that I love:
  • a mug with the word HOPE on it
  • a small journal
  • book highlighters
  • a lavender bookmark
  • lip balm
  • a tiny light to put on my keychain
  • and a simple linen bag to hold all these treasures

I was touched and encouraged all week.

More on my gratitude list:

  • warmer weather than usual for January
  • safety in traveling
  • Gilmore Girls- season 5
  • good books
  • my family
  • candy cane tea and dark chocolate
  • a new necklace with things I love
  • sneaking a nap- with no interruptions
  • a massage to ease my aching muscles
  • birthday call to my granddaughter
  • a postcard from my youngest granddaughter
  • grandson's laughter

I love the little things in life :)


iasa said...

ooo a massage. that sounds wonderful right now.

Cyndy said...

Hello, GraceGal. I am visiting you in the wake of Christina's love. Thank you for your list and reminders of what makes life special. Lavender bookmarks? Sounds divine!

SE'LAH... said...

a mug with the word HOPE on it...what a way to start this lovely list. hope springs eternal.

one love.

Yiota said...

gifts from a friend, a massage, HOPE...
lovely, everyday precious things

Sherry said...

A beautiful list Paula...and treating ourselves well with massage and sneaking a nap...bliss!!!! xo

Christina said...

a gorgeous photo! and i adore the gilmore girls- it's a treat for me and my daughter.

Relyn said...

I'd say you have some wonderful friends.

miss milki said...

I second the Gilmore Girls! :)