Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's Believe

Yesterday's BELIEVE hangs on my wall. Today's BELIEVE was a gift from one of the women in my prayer group. When I went into my photos to look for something to post, this blurry pic stood out to me.
Sometimes our faith feels a bit unsteady and things are unclear, but just because the clouds have moved in, it doesn't mean the sun isn't in the same place. Once the storm passes, the sun will shine again.
Two words...Hold On.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Well said Paula! You've captured this so beautifully.

miss milki said...

Hi GraceGal! I didn't think anyone would know who Amy Carmichael was! I've liked her story since I was a child, and I heard the story about her praying for blue eyes. I've read more about her since then and I've always been struck by her amazing selfless devotion. I found it pretty hard to think of any heroes and its funny that the ones that popped into my head were both missionaries to India!

alteredpink said...

I LOVE THIS! That is the theme for Macy's this year & both Ken & I commented on it. Just believe, my new mantra:)