Friday, December 4, 2009

2010 Vision Map

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, I took some time to play. It has been years since I made a life map. It used to be a regular part of my life. Recently, I got inspired by the collages we did for the Joy Diet.

They used to be called Life Maps. Now I think they are called vision boards or dream boards. I'm not sure so I called mine a Vision Map.

I simply got a pile of magazines, a poster board, scissors and a gluestick. I turned off my head and went throught the pages cutting out pics and words that jumped out or connected with me. Ouila'. A vision map is born.

I love mine. This may sound strange, but I put it on the wall in my closet. This bedroom closet was never properly finished, thus no clothes hang in it. The closet contains a stand with an extra quilt for cold nights, a hamper, and vitamins (because it is a cool, dry place). I open the closet several times a day and my Vision Map is there to inspire me!

I must give a bit of credit to my daughter. She used to hang her past maps or artwork in her closet, so it caused me to think outside the box.
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alteredpink said...

I love this! I was just sharing with Amy in our travel journals about life maps. I was thinking back to the time that you hosted a group of women at your place & we created life maps. Here's to the transition of life maps to vision maps!