Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Messy Attitude=Stress

I've been reading some information about the ph balance in our bodies, so I decided to try a few new veggies and fruits. I read that adding Bok Choy( I had to ask at the grocery store what it was) to a fruit smoothie would add alkaline balance to my diet. I'm a tea and muffin kinda gal for breakfast, but determined to try something new.

So I put my fruit, chocolate almond milk and a leaf of bok choy in my new blender, which I haven't used much since I bought it. Pushed smoothie. So far so good. Then I turned the blender cup to take it off the base, only it turned wrong and when I picked it up the smoothie remained on the base, the cupboard and on everything in vicinity.

Muttering, no, exclaiming my complaint, I tried again- after cleaning up my mess and securing the bottom of the blender cup. Ahhh, success. I poured the rich, tasty drink into a glass and began to enjoy it while I cut up veggies for my crockpot. Reaching for the cutting board, my arm hit the glass containing my smoothie. It tipped over, depositing half of the contents down the side of my cupboard and onto the floor before I could right it. I rescued half because of it's thick, slow-moving texture.

By this time, I was not in a good mood. Having many food sensitivities, I began to question my new choice for breakfast. Then I said, "Is this the way this day is going to go?"
A quiet answer crept into my mind from a CD I'd listened to the day before. Joyce Meyer was saying how sometimes it's our attitude toward things that cause stress in our lives.
Whoa, wait a minute. It's only a drink, not a major crisis. As I cleaned up the mess for the second time, I began to clean up the mess in my thoughts as well.

While I lay on the table having a massage yesterday ( because I have been having much trouble with my neck and shoulders), the therapist made a comment about how the smallest things can be an irritation when we have a problem in our back.
The smallest thing can be an irritation when we have a problem in our attitudes. Let me change that- my attitude. Time for an adjustment.


sherry ♥ lee said...

Great post Paula!! You said this so well...but as far as that drink goes...maybe the universe was sending you a message that this isn't the breakfast for you!! :)

alteredpink said...

Bok Choy is nasty! We tried it once & we were less than impressed. That would send anyone's day into a tale spin, trying to have that for breakfast:)