Friday, December 18, 2009


Every year I tape the cards we receive over the archway leading from my kitchen. They used to fill this side and the other side facing the kitchen as well as the inner doorposts. I fear another handwritten tradition is slowly dying.
A great new tradition, however, is emerging. We got several picture cards of families this year. I do love opening these!
I am smiling this morning as I post this pic. A cozy fire is going as you can see, my art room has actually been used this season, along with a few of the supplies that you see hanging over the door. I am finishing up my last project today.
And I just taped up a bunch of new Christmas cards that came in the mail :)
Life is good.
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sherry ♥ lee said...

You're right Paula, it is another tradition falling to the wayside. I have so few cards this year and it really makes me sad. They add such colour and brightness to the season and it's so nice to hear from people that we don't see all the time. Glad you've received a few more!! :)