Monday, August 31, 2009

The Party Must Go On

Tropical Storm Danny made traveling less than enjoyable this weekend, but the party must go on. My husband was celebrating ( well, trying to forget how many this is:) his birthday along with 2 of our grandchildren. It was originally a pool party, but TS Danny changed the location to an indoor waterslide event. I woke up this morning at home to sore muscles from being in the car so long and tired with much to do. My first thought was that I am getting too old for all this traveling. But I know what will happen. The next time will roll around and I will forget all about the aches and pains in lieu of those hugs and kisses for Mammy.

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alteredpink said...

Love the picture of the cakes!! Thanks for sharing it. I'm glad it went well even without the pool:)