Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headed Out Tomorrow

With all the traveling we have done this summer, our pit stop has been the camper. It is a convenient and inexpensive place to stay the night. Although, Bar harbor is only 25 minutes away, we have only been to the ocean a few times because our destination was elsewhere. This will be our last long weekend away and my goal is twofold- to rest and to see the ocean. Part of our family will be there as well so I want to relax and enjoy them. I wish my New Mexico gals ( and Johnny:) were going to be there. We always miss you. Leaving tomorrow, so see you next week with new pics.

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alteredpink said...

It was almost sad to see the picture of the ocean. I love the weather here, but I don't think its an even trade. There is just something magical about the ocean. I wish we were going to be with you guys. Think of us as you stroll through Bar Harbor & enjoy the beautiful view! Have a wonderful time:)