Saturday, August 1, 2009


Ken and I went to our first purse party last night. Grampy gave her money to buy her own. I took the credit card. As we were going into the studio, I made the comment, "What happens if we don't see anything we like?"
No problem. I could not make up my mind.
The pink and brown purse will work perfectly for fall and winter everyday use.
The striped bag is just the right weight for traveling.
As you can see by the photo, both bags came home with me.
Did I struggle with guilt? are you kidding? I am the gal who searches and searches for the one I love at the right price.
I kept hearing the word- double- like it's a sign:)
When i shared with a friend this morning, she said, "All I can think of is the story Cathy L. told about the purse. Wow. Ok, enough already with the guilt. I am going to enjoy every minute with my new traveling companions.
(If you want to know more about the purse story, check out my blog info at the side under my pic.)

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alteredpink said...

Love the purses!! Where's mine - just think you could have triple the guilt:)