Saturday, September 8, 2012

Raining Blessings

Rain disappointed our plans. (note: I had been praying for rain because the whole state has been so dry.)

Grampy bought a Dora bike for Lily and we were looking forward to seeing her ride it. The weather was not cooperating.

After about an hour in the camper, waiting it out, my daughter said, " I think I brought her raincoat."

The soggy landscape created a backdrop for joy as I watched Lily's wonder.

Lord, give me the eyes of a trusting child to see blessings in the rain.

She got that bike ride after all.

For more Lily Rain photos, hop on over to my Flickr.

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Sherry said...

Hey Paula! Nice to catch up -- through Susannah's course.

Rainy here today too -- I'm glad the rain didn't stop the fun....children just seem to carry matter what the weather. Oh if we could recapture that ... and I do believe that we can!