Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mission Statement in Process

I loved August Break, simply post my favorite Photos and away we go. I have many more that I put off posting for just the right moment. Not today.

This week marks the start of a new course for me: Blogging from the Heart. (see button in sidebar)

I chose a journal my daughter bought me for my birthday to record my work. Today's assignment was to create a mission statement for my blog. Of course, Susannah walks us through several questions to get to that point.
Here is what I came up with after much crossing out:

"As I share my life in process, I want to help disencumber heart-weights we as women carry and be true to the 'original me' every day. "

Something about it didn't resonate right. I kept reading the top of my journal page that said,"what is calling you?"

This is what I've always done and who I've always been.
Is it who I want to be?

I pondered and read and weighed the matter.
No, I have it backwards.

"I will be true to myself as I share my daily life in words and pictures; resting, stretching, dreaming and connecting with other women in process."

That feels right.

How about you? Why do you blog and where are you going?


The Thumber said...

You are way ahead of me. I barely got my new blog space live and passably acceptable for publication. But I have my journal and I will be going back over the last few assignments as I can get to them. Just thought I'd stop by and say hi and that I look forward to the Blogging from the Heart course along with you. Cheers, S

The Thumber said...

PS- I just disabled my old blog so my new one is http://www.wordsoncespoken.blogspot.com

Becs said...

Hello, I'm on the course too. Love your journal, so pretty. Great job on your mission statement....still working on mine but I am finding it so good to try and be a bit more focused!

L McG-E said...

What a great mission statement. This gives me so much encouragement to firm up and complete mine, so many crossings out, nothing definitive.


Sherry said...

This is a wonderful mission statement, and I love how it came to you. I'm still working on mine.