Wednesday, September 12, 2012

One of Those Days

Turning round and round, feeling dizzy, breathing deeply.

I started many things today only to turn in a different direction. Finally after several fits and failed starts, I took a book out on the front steps to sit in the sun.

An hour later,Hubby and I went down to help mom with a few things. On our way back, we encountered a lady whose car had broken down. We ended up driving an hour away to take her home. We stopped at one Subway, but a school bus full of kids got there first. After dropping off our passenger, we headed to another subway that had just closed. Subway closing at 7:00?

Ignoring my food allergies by 8:00p.m. we headed to McDonalds. Sigh.

An hour ride home.

Did I mention my laptop crashed today? Thus blogging from iPad which I hate to do.

Practicing eucharisteo, giving thanks.
Beautiful day, lovely evening, safe travels, and bedtime.
An ordinary day far removed from a world in upheaval.

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McKenna K said...

It will get better <3 We all have a bad day sometimes :) love you!