Wednesday, September 19, 2012


A couple of days ago, I tucked myself into the corner of our front steps landing and hid out with my book. The sun warmed me from above and the old lilac bush provided a bit of shade and cover. I needed a nook for a few minutes. It was heavenly.

It's raining here today, which we desperately need. I am headed into the office to work on a new system the company we deal with is instituting. I hate these changes. Just yesterday I sat before the computer screen fighting intimidation from two documents that would not allow me to open them. Impatience from the sender resounded through her emails. On the verge of tears. I emailed a friend who has more experience than me with these things. She stopped by and guess what? She couldn't open them either.

What is it about simple validation that uplifts us?

Looking back on the covering of the leaves and a friend with gratitude as I summon the courage to tackle this problem with fresh eyes today.

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