Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brave Girls

Brave Girls Club

It is a dreary, snowy day here in the County. For some reason, every time the furnace came in the night, something vibrated and awoke me like an alarm clock. This morning, however, I dragged my weary self out to the gym and felt better for it. But after lunch the weariness set back in.

Pulling myself out of my chair and out to the sewing machine, I stitched one row of squares together.
 Now I am at my laptop where the daily truth from Brave Girls encouraged me. It's worth signing up for.

Back to the machine it is for me, but in my simplified world I am taking breaks more often. One row is simply not enough to qualify for a break though, so back to work.


Relyn said...

I'm off to check it out. Thanks for sharing it.

Nancy said...

I want to check it too but girlfriend I know how you feel...some days are just like that....and today has been one for me too....It's a shame we aren't closer together so we could "be weary" together.....

Maybe tomorrow we will both wake up full of energy and enthuasium....what do you think?