Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today's Smile

This is me smiling today at you today!

Yesterday was a day that made me smile. My flour came in to cook with, gluten-free and with the help of a friend's recipe, I made a walnut bread and it came out great! I wrapped a few Christmas gifts, did laundry and a bunch of stuff and still managed to watch 2 episodes of Gilmore Girls before I went to bed. :) And I had a prayer answered for someone special to me.

A special thank you to a sister blogger who emailed me and after I replied to her, I took my own advice.

On top of all that the weather has been gorgeous this week!

What is making you smile today?
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sherry ♥ lee said...

Now that is a smile of "grace" if ever I saw one!! :) Just looking at your smiling face is making me smile! And it's sunny! And I have my decaf grande americano to sit and sip. And I have lots of wonderful ideas swirling around in my head!! :)

alteredpink said...

I love the picture of you! So happy to see you smiling:) What made me smile today? A day off of work!