Friday, November 6, 2009


The theme of this week's Joy Diet was Play. As usual, it wasn't what I thought it would be, but it was the first time throughout my journey in this book that I actually underlined something. For me that is unusual- if I love something or it hits me I underline. That's for another post.

Let's get out of the way what I didn't like. I couldn't get into her constant referral to our life stuff as a game. That said...

I liked the idea of our focus coming from two points of view, seeing the big picture and then our small steps and really thinking about the steps we are taking- are they leading us into our big picture? I've been paying more attention to my thoughts lately and this worked into that somehow.
Watching every little step I take could get rigid and constricting, if she hadn't taken us from there into flow. My favorite statements were in this section and they reminded me of a treasured scripture taken from Matthew in the Message paraphrase.

"Learn the unforced rhythms of grace."

So when I did my vision card this week, I let it flow.
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WrightStuff said...

The biggest trouble I have with the book is the expectation that each week you'll do all elements! I just about manage to get to grips with one. I liked play though - and took some lessons from it into my nanowrimo writing.

Ginny said...

I agree that looking at things through two points of view can be very helpful. But you are right that watching every step could become rigid. That is something I want to avoid.

Lawendula said...

I agree with Wrightstuff and I am asking: who does this anyway?
It seems we all have our gems out of this book, but there are much better books, I must admit.

Kim said...

"Learn the unforced rhythms of grace."

That one phrase seems to sum up the whole chapter doesn't it?

May you continue to dance joyfully in the flow!

Dia said...

Think this is my first visit to your blog - wonderful story about the purse! (I had to read that first :) I love the word 'Grace' as well; a favorite angel is 'Grace Elohim,' whose gentle injunction is "Grace it, & move ON!" Her colour is irridescent white

I love dance (wrote about it) & I tend to 'play' well, & also prioritize enjoying this precious life!


alteredpink said...

"Learn the unforced rhythms of grace." Love this! I plan to use this in my journal! Love your Joy Diet Card. I look forward to seeing this every week - this theme keeps replaying over & over for me - Play! It was funny to see this as the title this week - there are no coincidences in life:)

Karen D said...

Thanks for sharing your journey with play this week. I also love what you said about grace and your vision board flows beautifully.