Monday, November 30, 2009

A Solid Decision

I love lights all year round! So you can imagine that Christmas lights are one of my favorite holiday items. This year, however, I made a decision not to put our tree up. We have an artificial tree with a mixture of ornaments the kids made when they were little and new ones purchased over the years. It's beautiful but a lot of work to set up. I put my village around the bottom of the tree, which lights up too.

Since we will be traveling during the holidays, I felt we could get by without it this year. I did this once before and regretted it. So this time I went out and bought lights to put throughout the house. The pic above is my office. I have purple lights in my bedroom, gold in the art room and icicle white lights in the living room. This way I still get the sense of Christmas without all the work of putting the tree up and taking it down. I thought it through. If I miss the tree terribly, I've decided that I can put it up for the month of January when I have more time. Why not?
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alteredpink said...

oh no tree!? What!! Ok, I'll let go of that & we will make sure we keep ours up for you guys. We chop ours down & set it up. I love the smell of it & of course the lights! I LOVE the star lights - can you add that to my Xmas wish list:)