Sunday, October 18, 2009


I spent a lot of time this week preparing for a Christmas Project. First of all, I downloaded Picasa for a better photo editing software. I really want Adobe, but this was free and I don't have time to learn Adobe and do the project too. Then I tried to decide between going digital or staying with traditonal. I spent one whole afternoon and part of another checking out digital albums, downloading free software then later found out I have to download each theme separately. Groan.
I then printed out a copy of each photo. I realized I didn't like some of the changes I 'd made with Picasa so tried a couple of other appraoches. Here are the phtos spread out on my desk, my family smiling up at me. SMILE :)
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sherry ♥ lee said...

Lots of trial and error here -- some it of can be daunting, but you have a project of love ahead of you and any project that includes the smiling faces of your loved's worth all the time and energy and the trial and error! :)

alteredpink said...

Ahhh, I can't wait for this Xmas gift! A good reminder too of your request to get john's pic in front of a flag - ill work on it - smile:)