Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy Birthday

Today's post is dedicated to my daughter in honor of her birthday.
Amber is an amazing person, a terrific mom, a talented artist, and a woman I would be proud to call my friend, even if she weren't my daughter. She's not been afraid to take great steps of faith in her life, following the path less traveled at times. Even in seasons of challenge, she has nurtured her dreams and gifts and developed a precious relationship with her daughter. She is sensitive, compassionate and hard-working. I can't think of any greater gift that God has given me than my daughter.
I love you and truly wish I could be there with you today. May your day be filled with things to smile about.
Happy Birthday.
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sherry ♥ lee said...

It sounds to me like you have raised a wonderful woman...Amber is blessed to have you for a mother as you are blessed to have Amber for your daughter. Wishing her a blessed year ahead and much joy for both of you!

Christina said...

this is so beautiful!

alteredpink said...

Mom, your the best! I love you! I am lucky to have a mom like you. This made my Bday. I went to call you guys back & it was too late. I want you to know that this was the highlight of my day. Love ya:)