Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Truth

Does this look familiar? That's because it is. I posted my vision card yesterday, but this is another view. That's why i am posting again because I have another view of truth. Notice how clear the water is? That struck me from the beginning. And the heart shape of the sunset. These all have fresh meaning to me now.
I had a dream last night, which I promptly wrote in my journal this morning, then asked God for a scripture. I don't always do so, because I have several dream books I refer to. I believe in the power of our dreams to reveal things to us.
Oh, what an amazing journey this is! On Wednesday I went to the second- hand bookstore with my mom. I was leaving the store when I noticed a "free" table. There were a couple of Bible translations that I don't have so I picked them up. I have been reading from them the last few days. So this morning as I read in these new/used Bibles, (the Psalm prompted by the Holy Spirit), the words exactly described my dream.
Isn't it incredible that a huge God can weave together the seemingly small steps of our lives to speak to us?
I love it :)
I know I am being a bit vague, but the dream and other things are fresh and this is a time to ponder, not talk. Nevertheless, I just had to share my joy with my sister bloggers today!


Sheila said...

Dontcha just LOVE it when that happens? It's fabulous to know your steps are ordered - even the 'seemingly small' ones.

alteredpink said...

You have left me wondering about your dream:) Love that vision card!

sherry ♥ lee said...

I love that you have a new angle on truth -- that you are seeing different sides to it! How profound and how true that is!

As for the workings of what we can't see but have asked for -- putting our faith in God, and in the ourselves...asking and being given. It's rich indeed. Sometimes we can say our dreams are things that are happening to us as the time and our mind is just reshuffling information. Other times I think our dreams are messages we give ourselves, or messages we've been given. And it feels like awe and wonder doesn't it?