Monday, September 14, 2009

Put Your Feet Up

This was one of my favorite moments this summer, sitting on the deck at our camper, putting my feet up. What did you do this summer to put your feet up?
I am headed back to the camper tomorrow for a couple of days with my mom, before we close it up. When I get back I want to make some changes here. I'm bored with it, so imagine you followers are too. No change in address, just appearance. Be back soon.


alteredpink said...

What a cute picture! I am definitely NOT bored with your blog. Hmm, how did I put my feet up this summer - I would have to say anytime I see or drink Starbucks its the illusion of having my feet up by the campfire! I know addicted!! Have fun with Gram in Bar Harbor:)

Sharmila said...

I like this photo and the thought of relaxing ;) reminds me of how much i long to go back to the spa soon! ;) take care. ~Sharmila