Thursday, July 23, 2009

Signs of Love

This has been a busy summer, despite all the rain. I've been doing a fair amount of traveling back and forth to our camper which is 3-4 hours away depending on traffic. it's not the traveling so much as preparing for it. This includes packing a suitcase with clothes for various types of weather ( this is Maine), towels and bedding that I brought home to wash, food( no matter where I go because of food allergies), and of course, plenty of reading material, just in case.
Today I head out ( this time with hubby) on another journey. we will stop by the camper for the first night, then drive 2 more hours to our grandchildren. Oh, and pick one up on the way. Are you tired yet? Yesterday, just thinking about it added to my weariness. Today it's a different story.
The sign says it all. We are grandparents. Is there anything like it? Two of our children and their families bought us this sign, not knowing the other did. So we have one at the camper and the above one here at home. it makes me smile everytime. I know that once I have those hugs and welcoming kisses, it is all worth it.

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alteredpink said...

Love the duplicate sign Grammy:)