Saturday, July 11, 2009

Love at First Sight

A good rule of thumb when shopping is to only buy what you love ( aside from necessities). While browsing in Bar Harbor's stores with 2 friends, I came across this tray. It was love at first sight. The price was more than I usually spend on myself so I thought about it for a minute:) Knowing I would use it everyday to eat my lunch or evenings with a cup of tea and a cookie, it was worth it.
A month later, I am still smiling.


alteredpink said...

Love it. I can picture your cup of tea and cookies on it now:)

Lawendula said...

Beautiful! Have you got a good place to store it?
Oh and "rule of thumb" in German that's a "rule of fist" (Faustregel)- very interesting! (I'm learning every day!)