Saturday, February 2, 2013

Power Outage

I have been living here in the city for nearly four months now and only been to the movies once. The cinema houses 10 movies, compared to my small town movie theater with three. McKenna and I headed out this afternoon to see Les Miserables, only to find a sign posted on the door, "No Power."
Two days ago we had pretty strong winds, which may have caused a problem.

A bit disheartened, Ken and I walked back to the car and just sat there, trying to regroup.

This reminds me  of a book I started yesterday  called "The Circle Maker." It's a book on prayer, real power in prayer.
For some time now,  the storms of life have been beating and pounding the life and hope out of several women I know. It seems like there has been a power outage and we have all been trying to regroup.

I must admit my prayer life has changed in the past couple of months. I have been asking God to purify my heart every day, to do a miracle on behalf of my girls, and to heal my body, along with praying for my prayer group gals. Prayer has become more about bowing my knee, than raising my sword.

Until last night. Now I have a new picture to ponder. Praying circles with perseverance.

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