Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Grace for Each Step


Lily and I went for a walk when the weather turned nice yesterday. There were paths that were shoveled nicely and the snow had melted away. I could enjoy the walk, take a few pictures and soak in the sunshine. Then there were places of shadows and ice where I stepped gingerly, paying attention to where I placed my feet. 

What a metaphor for life right now! There are hours throughout the day when daily routines run smoothly without a lot of thought. Just as soon as I forget to pay attention, I hit a slippery place where shadows hover and I must remind myself to move into prayer, trusting, stepping steadily yet carefully, always relying on the grace that is promised for that moment.

Praying for Nancy and her family especially today that God's grace will blanket them at this time. (See her February 26 post).

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Cheryl Ruffing said...

That's a wonderful metaphor. I'm glad you're attuned to such things and are willing to share.