Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy Mapping!

My girls spent New Year's Eve with me, while hubby visited his mom. We dug out the magazines and created life maps for 2013. I used to do this every year but last year I made a mini map to hang in my office. Two previous maps line the walls of my closet.

I love this exercise! All you do is gather a piece of poster board,  stack of magazines, scissors, glue stick and your intuition. Now you're ready to begin. Sit down and begin to thumb through the magazines, cutting out pictures and words that draw you. One hindrance is your head. Move from there to your spirit and start gluing. Oila'!

One hint: Dont rush. Oh, and my girls kept telling me "stop planning."

Hang it up where you can see it everyday and watch what happens. I used to go sit in front of mine when I had a decision to make and let Holy Spirit guide me.

I was going to share my new word for the year and my verse today but I will save that for tomorrow.

Happy Mapping and Happy New Year!

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