Friday, January 4, 2013

Siesta 2013 Begins

Normally at the onset of a new year I set a number of goals. This year I am changing that pattern, partly because I want to remain open to what God has for me this year without my own mindset restraints. The other reason is to focus succinctly on that which is vital for me right now.

My focus beginning 2013 is to memorize scripture on a regular basis because I know the Word contains power.

One of the ways I plan to do this is by joining Beth Moore's Siesta 2013 Memory Team. Check it out here-

Today I have set a timer to go off every hour as a reminder to center on a scripture I am memorizing for health and healing. I got this idea from Marilyn Hickey on "It's Supernatural."

Join Beth or myself as we focus in on scripture memory. Perhaps I will set something up next week for you to join. For now, please feel free to leave your verse in the comments. I look forward to it.

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