Thursday, October 11, 2012

High Hopes

I had high hopes for this weekend. Not that closing the camper is any bit of fun, but seeing my daughter and her girls, taking fall foliage pics, and watching my Bella play soccer certainly is.

That was the plan.

Then I woke up not feeling so hot. All packed and ready, I'm a trooper. On we go.The fall leaves are waiting.
Barely out of our driveway it began to rain and then pour. By the time it stopped and we were three hours south of home, the leaves that had turned color were blowing off the trees.

I was too achy and yucky to give hugs or stay long at my daughter's house.

Brrrr, cold at the camper. I packed up remaining totes with blankets, all except what we will use tonight, emptied cupboards, and made a hot cup of tea with honey. Sigh. I am not sure the Portland trip will happen tomorrow. It's another two hour drive and a cold soccer game on Saturday.

Time for Jammie's and my book and early to sleep.

Did I mention the pic is from Mollie Makes? It's a delightful magazine and I would link to it except I'm not even sure this post will work from here.


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