Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend, Wind, and Whitney

I have been too busy to blog this weekend. We left home on Friday to travel to my brother's home
five hours away. Hubby, my two sons and I spent Saturday moving him into a new apartment, more suited to his disabilities.
I could barely stay awake after supper but got my second wind so I could watch Reel Steel with the family. I loved that movie. Surprisingly touching.

After the movie, my daughter-in-law and I were on our iPads and I was checking Twitter when I saw the news of Whitney Houston's death. My heart was grieved, not from the loss of a talent so huge, but all the loss in her life through disappointments, relationships and addiction. I have prayed for her through the years as I am sure have many fans. Perhaps that is why she connected to hearts across the globe. She had a vulnerability about her encased in strength that emerged when that incredible voice rang out. She will be missed.

We are traveling north right now, being blown around by fierce winds. Please forgive any typos. Looking forward to settling into home tonight and watching the Grammys.

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Nancy said...

You have had a busy weekend...yes it is sad about Whitney Houston. I am so sorry that she has been through so much and that this is the end...I feel really sorry for her daughter as well...It sounds like they were really close....

I hope you've gotten home safe and sound and that you have a great week....