Saturday, February 18, 2012

Keep It In Perspective

I have been in a blogging dry spell lately. Stick with me followers for it won't last.

Stevie Wonder is singing background to my typing at this moment. Actually he is singing at Whitney's funeral. Kevin Costner was giving an emotional tribute when I turned it on. Her real bodyguard told of the Bible she carried with her wherever she traveled until it became ragged.
Often we look at the outward appearance and make snap judgements, but God looks at the heart. And He looks with Love.

I once heard a pastor say, "Ask God to help you to see from His perspective. Stand on His front porch with Him and see things from that angle."
That has stuck with me. Lord, I want to stand beside you, feeling your arm brush against mine, letting your goodness and love sink into my every pore. When I step from this porch, let me remember to stop and see those around me beyond the worldly view.

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