Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Case of Too Early Spring Fever

I have been restless this week. I'm tired yet I don't want to accomplish nothing.

 Yesterday I dove into Project Life only to tear apart what I already did. I was tired after a workout and a massage, and should have rested.
Today I have worked around the house, put a roast and potatoes, carrots, turnips in the crockpot. I checked out Pinterest and sorted through old patterns.

My kitchen needs an overhaul and I see so much to be done. I did clean out a couple drawers in dire need.

 Think I have a good case of spring fever!

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Nancy said...

I think we are all getting spring fever....The flowers are starting to peek through the ground and birds are singing but it's February.....we've had no winter to amount to anything yet all the spring signs are turning up....What are we to do....?........I guess just keep prodding along.....