Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ribbons of Thanks

Thoughts of Eucharisteo (giving of thanks in the ordinary) gently tug at me like invisible ribbons.

How easily I forget and slip back into complaining mode! It has been raining for days, no, weeks with a slight break here and there. Yesterday was cold as is today. The farmers are unable to plant their crops in this cold, miry earth.

There is no hurry to get outside. The office will wait, laundry is in, quiet decision to ignore the phone is made and I sink into the red chair with tea in one hand, journal in the other.

Appointments, travel, busyness, friends needing a listening ear, office work. This has been my life of late. I miss the soft whispers of the Spirit of God.

I wait and pray about all that I think I need and want.

The words come softly and as unexpected as the beautiful sunset we witnessed arriving home on Sunday evening.

Page 70. One Thousand Gifts.

Underlined words stand out.

What I need  to consecrate: time.

Thanksgiving makes time.

Soft rainy day thoughts reminding me to appreciate, to voice thanks, to turn...

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Sherry Smyth said...

Don't you sometimes wonder in awe at how nature creates these beautiful colours, as in this sky?

Ah we do that don't we -- we vow to be happy with what we have in "this moment" and then find ourselves slipping into "complain" mode...the weather, our health the mess of our house, our children who don't pick up after themselves...and then we stop and breathe and remember that this too shall pass and bring us to another glory. Thanksgiving does take time my friend.